Vehicle Tracking Service

At CellBaghdad, we know that our customers’ requirements drive our business forward. This is why we deliver technologically sound yet simple GPRS enabled tracking systems for managing commercial fleets for oil and gas companies. Our vehicle tracking services include –
Cargo and Shipment Tracking (Sub Header)

International trade sees its fair share of danger. This is why industries require heightened security measures to prevent attacks. Supply chain management also depends on efficient tracking systems to ensure that goods reach their designated destination and in the same condition that they started their journey. Shipments and cargo transits require even more levels of security for that to be possible.
Most executives are not satisfied with their ability to track movable assets in order to ensure the integrity of their businesses. Tracking such cargo requires advanced processing by intelligence agencies. CellBaghdad partners with some of the leading companies that specialize in tracking technology. Our vendors are skilled in developing and deploying novel technologies for tracking fleets, assets and other resources. CellBaghdad provides the most innovative tracking processes that utilize integrated technologies such as GPS, RFID, GPRS technology and sensors. This in turn allows our clients better ROI.
RFID Technology (Sub Header)

CellBaghdad also specializes in tracking your goods on a budget. This is why we also offer affordable RFID technology for tracking purposes. Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) are low in cost and can easily be used to track vehicles or goods in real time. The devices can be placed on individual items.
GPS and GPRS Technology (Sub Header)

GPS (Global positioning systems) use satellite monitoring systems to track fleets of cargo containers or vehicles in order to prevent any unplanned stops and to ensure that the cargo is delivered on schedule. Not only do Geostationary Earth Orbit satellite systems pinpoint the exact location of a fleet it can identify and track individual vehicles as well. This allows clients to ensure that their precious cargo only follows a pre-planned route and intervene if it deviates from it.
ReaL Track CST (Sub Header)

This tracking technology uses graphical user interfaces, relational database and supports EDI messaging as well. The solution is suited for land, shipping and air transport. The easy to use platform independent system comes with a full web enabled modular design which is compatible with existing third party systems such as customs and accounting. Other benefits include –

  • Prevents costs associated with lost or damaged cargo
  • Easily identifies misplaced items
  • Reduces equipment inventories
  • Increases asset utilization