Communications & Networking

Through our partnership with Abcosat, we are able to offer integrated and managed integrated communications services and infrastructure access for global enterprises and telecommunications companies. Abcosat services are supported by the Abcosat wholly owned vertically integrated value chain.

  • End to End Managed Communications
  • European Data Centers
  • Zero Latency Gateways
  • Support Centers in all Continents and Global Operations Center for a 24x7x365 Monitoring, Control and Service
  • Abcosat MPLS VSAT and MPLS Terrestrial Connectivity Globally Available
  • Fast Ethernet and Speednet Browser
  • Complete VoIP Managed Services
  • Cloud Based Computing
  • ISP on the Sky Globally Available
  • IP Networking
  • WiFi Hotspot
  • Remote Communications
  • Secure Wireless
  • HD Connect: Video, Infrastructure and Services
  • UCNet: Unified Communications for Voice, Video, Instant Messaging and E-mail

Advanced Satellite Communications Technology 

Abcosat uses the latest technological advances in satellite communications to provide customers with highly optimized networks. Abcosat offers specialty solutions to guarantee its’ customers the highest of industry reliability as well as cost effectiveness.

Network Configurations and Gateways 

Customized Solutions for individual needs. Abcosat maintains private network interlink with many of the largest originators of content on the Internet to ensure that our customers receive the best response possible with the highest quality of service.


Abcosat delivers true global internet connectivity. Offering both dedicated and shared services to supply customers with the most comprehensive and diverse service plans.

Cellular Backhaul 

Abcosat provides solutions to meet the aggressive demand of cellular operators.

Unmatched Professional Approach 

Engineering, Design, Technology and Experience at your fingertips with our all-inclusive approach to IP connectivity.

Corporate Networks 

Customized and fully integrated corporate network connectivity solution to easily connect with remote branches.